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Chocolate Adventures with Amelia Rope

Chocolate Adventures with Amelia Rope

Are you ready for an adventure? Not just any adventure but an adventure with chocolate. Amelia fell in love with chocolate from a young age and after a short chocolate course at Valrhona set up her own chocolate business. She knows her stuff. She knows where to explore.

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Show Trailer for Chocolate Adventures with Amelia Rope

Oct. 15, 2021

A little insight into what our new podcast will be chatting about. The one guarantee is it will be full of chocolate chat! * LAUNCHING SOON *

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About the Host

Amelia Rope

Chocolate Adventurer / Weak spots: chocolate and good wine /Sea Lover / Sun Worshipper / Glitter Ball Fan

Amelia's life has been one of many chapters. A few include qualifying as an aromatherapist, studying nutrition and herbal medicine, her last 'proper job' was as a Practice Manager of a doctors practice. Her lucky break was getting to compete on BBC Masterchef in 2006 and 2007. Once her mind was opened there was no looking back! She found herself going part time in her job, going on cookery courses - a key one which was a 5 day chocolate bonbons course at Valrhona. Chocolate became her thing and from a fortuitous meeting with journalist, author and food guru William Sitwell and her creations of chocolate dipped crystallised rose petals she found herself propelled into setting up her award-winning chocolate business Amelia Rope Chocolate.