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April 11, 2022

A Chocolate Adventure in Bruges

A Chocolate Adventure in Bruges

Have you visited Bruges before? It dates back to the 9th Century and was created by the Vikings.  

It's said that chocolate made its way to Ghent in the 17th century thanks to the abbot of Baudeloo Abbey.  More of a medicine/tonic with the first 'pressed' chocolate created in 1840 by Berwaerts. 

Beyond the oodles of chocolate you will discover Bruges is a gem of a City which will keep everyone happy ... whatever age and stage in life.  Adoring water I love the way the canals meander around the the historical, and in many instances, medieval architecture.  The cobbled stones have been a contentious issue with cyclists who loathe them and pedestrians/tourists who love them as I was to discover with a chat in Chocolaterie Spegelaere! There is an energy of peace, stillness and warmth - despite it pouring with rain throughout my few hours there!

If you haven't it's really worth putting on your chocolate adventures list as it's full to the brim of chocolate shops - from everyday novelty chocolates to more specialised bean to bar chocolate makers.  Of which I think there are only two.

My first visit to Bruges was in 2018 when my adventure took in Mary Chocolatier (by appointment to the Belgium Royal Family) , The Chocolate Kiss, Pierre Marcolini, The Chocolate Line, Dumon Chocolatier and several others.

This time I went for the less is more option.  More chocolate chat, less chocolate shops.  Because my belief is that what makes chocolate good is not just the beans and the processes but ALSO the people involved in all its journey.  The essence.  The energy.  The taste bud va va voom!

I will chat you through the chocolate houses I visited each in their own blog but just to give you the heads up I dropped into; The Chocolate Line, Depla Chocolatier, The Chocolate Brothers, Elisabeth, Chocolaterie Spegelaere and The Little Chocolate House.

The theme which ran through each of my chats was the chocolate-makers pride and passion for being Belgian and the creation of Belgian chocolate.  

To hear more about the chocolate shops I visited, the people behind them and what goodies I tasted click on the links above.  

I would love to hear any Bruges chocolate stories you have and places you have enjoyed visiting.  I still need to go back to dip my toes in to more Bruges chocolate!

How I travelled from London:

Eurostar to Brussels
Local train Brussels to Bruges (around an hour)
Tip:  Book your local train ticket online before you go and get your trainers on as it's a place to walk, drift, dive off the beaten track and see what surprise awaits

My adventure was a day trip but ideally you stay a night or two. I think I was actually in Bruges for a total 4 hours but worked hard to make it worthwhile!