A huge welcome to Chocolate Adventures.

About your Host

It's such a treat to have you here.

I'm Amelia, your host and fellow chocolate adventurer.

I thought I would let you know a little bit about me.  

How did I start out?
As a PA.  I tended to move jobs on an annual basis to explore different industries, work in different areas and generally to add some interest to what was me with my character and urge to create, a very humdrum job.  It took up most of my twenties.

How did I change course?
I studied Thai massage at night school and once qualified set up my own business.  What I hadn't planned for was to have a bike accident and end up breaking my right wrist and chip a bone in my left elbow!  

After a period recuperation and resetting my compass once I again I went to live in the US for six months which I adored.  Off adventuring and filled with inspiration.

What next?
I returned to the UK and worked in the NHS, private practice as an admin temp which I loved, went to live in Kenya (for six months where pretty much everything went wrong including breaking my foot badly!), came back and studied herbal medicine, qualified as an aromatherpist with The Tisserand Institute,  If I had gone to uni part of me wonders if I would have trained to be a Consultant Endocrinologist!  I then became a Practice Manager of an NHS/private practice which was to be my last 'proper' job.  I stayed there for over 3 years but was tempted away after managing to win the golden ticket and be accepted as a contestant on BBC Masterchef.

Where did chocolate enter my life?