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March 17, 2022

Chocolate Chat with Andres and Sabrina Zakhour, Ara Chocolat

Chocolate Chat with Andres and Sabrina Zakhour, Ara Chocolat

Our latest guests in chocolate chats on insta live were Andres and Sabrina Zakhour of award-winning vegan bean to bar chocolaterie Ara Chocolat, Paris.  They create chocolate bars, chocolates (you can see the ones I tried here ) and hot chocolate.

I first discovered Ara Chocolat on my last trip to Paris when I headed to Montmartre for a chocolate adventure.  The day was wet.  When I am talking wet, really, really, really pelting it down.  As soon as I opened the door this heady chocolate aroma intoxicated me and I ended up chatting with Andres and eating chocolate for a heavenly moment.  Utter heaven.  It's so rare nowadays that chocolate shops actually smell of chocolate don't you think?

A Venezuelan husband and wife team Andres is in charge of the chocolate creating with Sabrina taking on the role of business woman and being strict with how many beans Andres stocks!

Hop on this link to hear more about:

why Paris
what training as a patisserie chef and working in Michelin restaurants brought to Ara Chocolat
how to source top quality beans
what has surprised them most about working with chocolate
the challenges within the industry today
how Venezuelans consume chocolate
and much much more!

To join our chocolate chats hop onto @amelia_rope on instagram every Tuesday and Thursday at either 2.30pm/1pm.  We have a Q&A at the end of each chat for your questions so do always let me have any you may want me to ask.

You will need to have an instagram account to listen to the chat as sadly at the moment they don't allow other platforms to listen.