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March 31, 2022

Chocolate Chat with Emily Stone, Uncommon Cacao

Chocolate Chat with Emily Stone, Uncommon Cacao

Our latest guest on chocolate chats /insta live was Emily Stone, Co-Founder of Uncommon Cacao.

Emily and her fellow founder, Alex Whitemore (Chocolate maker and Founder of TAZA chocolate) created Uncommon Cacao back in 2010.  Their mission - to source and distribute top quality cacao beans whilst trading with total transparency.  With 5,000 producers/farmers in 14 countries growing cacao for them they supply chocolate makers across the globe.

Hop on this link to hear more about:

what led Emily to co-founding Uncommon Cacao
the importance of trading transparently
what B Corp bring to them and to their producers
women cacao farmers
how the pandemic has effected cacao farming
child labour and ABOCFA
climate change
and much much more!

This was our last chocolate chats in the first series.  They will be back after Easter with more fascinating guests.

To join our chocolate chats hop onto @amelia_rope on instagram every Tuesday and Thursday at either 12.30pm/1pm.  We have a Q&A at the end of each chat for your questions so do always let me have any you may want me to ask.

You will need to have an instagram account to listen to the chat as sadly at the moment they don't allow other platforms to listen.