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March 24, 2022

Chocolate Chat with Frank Homann, Founder Xoco Gourmet

Chocolate Chat with Frank Homann, Founder Xoco Gourmet

Our latest guest on chocolate chats /insta live was Frank Homann, Founder of Xoco Gourmet.

Frank founded Xoco Gourmet in 2007 to grow a single varietal heirloom cacao bean.  It took him and his team of experts 14 years to create Mayan Red.  All Frank's beans are grown in Fran's farms and partner farms across Central America.  They went onto produce their own couverture which is used by 'uncompromising professionals' including Michelin starred chefs and Hotel Chocolat.

Hop on this link to hear more about:

what Frank was doing before chocolate 
what his driver was to create Mayan Red
the importance of grafting and mother trees
why he compares cocoa to apples when telling his cocoa stories
what he sees needs to change within the industry
and much much more!

To join our chocolate chats hop onto @amelia_rope on instagram every Tuesday and Thursday at either 12.30pm/1pm.  We have a Q&A at the end of each chat for your questions so do always let me have any you may want me to ask.

You will need to have an instagram account to listen to the chat as sadly at the moment they don't allow other platforms to listen.