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May 11, 2022

Chocolate Chat with Paniti Junhavasavasdikul, Co-Founder, Kad Kokoa

Chocolate Chat with Paniti Junhavasavasdikul, Co-Founder, Kad Kokoa

Our guest this week on chocolate chats /insta live was Paniti Junhasavasdikul, Co-Founder of the Thai chocolate company, Kad Kokoa.

Paniti and his wife, Nuttaya, started out as corporate lawyers but began to fall in love with cocoa when they bought a patch of land up in the North of Thailand, Chiang Mai, and were told they needed to plant a crop on it whilst waiting to build their house.

They are driven.  They are on a mission to deliver top quality single origin, bean to bar chocolate in the form of multi award-winning chocolate bars, their Thai Craft Chocolate Cafe which serves the most mindblowing cacao drinks and their new Cacao Bistronomic Restaurant, 31 Degrees in Bangkok.

Hop on this link to hear more about:

how Paniti and Nuttaya got started
the challenges they faced
their cacao sourcing and how they encouraged a coop to improve the quality of their beans to now be able to deliver couverture to a 3 Michelin starred chef in Switzerland
the inspiration behind their unusual flavour combos - salted Tamarind and chilli to name but one
and much much more!

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