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June 22, 2022

Chocolate Chat with Sam Hadadi, The Wellness Goddess

Chocolate Chat with Sam Hadadi, The Wellness Goddess

Our guest for this week’s Chocolate Chats /insta live was Samantha Hadadi, Founder of The Wellness Goddess and Naturally Nourished, Food Photographer and incredible chocolate vegan recipe creator.

Hop on this link to hear more about:

what Sam was doing before her passion with creating vegan chocolate recipes
what inspires her creations
how she overcame her fear of food and now eats chocolate every day
what influences her decisions of which vegan milk to use for different recipes
and much much more!

To join our chocolate chats hop onto @amelia_rope on Instagram every Wednesday at either 12.30pm/1pm.  We have a Q&A at the end of each chat for your questions so do always let me have any you may want me to ask.

You will need to have an instagram account to listen to the chat as sadly at the moment they don't allow other platforms to listen.


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