A huge welcome to Chocolate Adventures.

Depla Chocolatier, Bruges

Have you visited the Depla family's chocolate shops in Mariastraat, Bruges? 

They have not just one but three chocolate shops all within a 5 minute walking distance of each other.  Firstly there is the cafe which I dropped into to try an expresso hot chocolate, then there is the main chocolaterie, where I got chatting with Laura who is the granddaughter of the founder and finally a few doors down, their newest addition, their bean to bar The Chocolate Brothers.

So let's start off with the cafe.  It's very slim and small and unassuming.  In dire need of a bit of va va voom and up for trying something new I went for their espresso hot chocolate.  Small milk chocolate buttons sitting at the bottom of a glass mug with black coffee resting on the top.   You also get a chocolate to accompany it with.  It was interesting but I suppose I'm a bit of a purist and I either like to drink coffee or chocolate. I would suggest you try it though especially if you are a black coffee/chocolate fan.