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Mrs Beeton's Hot Chocolate Recipe

Mrs Beeton's Hot Chocolate Recipe

Have you ever tried recreating a very old recipe?  Do you think our modern ingredients can compare with what they were cooking hundreds of years ago and also how they were cooking?

On a hot chocolate whim and wanting an adventure, sadly just in my kitchen as that is all time would allow, I opened up Mrs Beeton's cooking book and grabbed the ingredients for her hot chocolate.  As you will see from the recipe below there are very few.

The questions I had in my mind though were ... what chocolate was she using?  Was it 100%, was it more like 70% or was it milk chocolate?  Was the milk she using fresh from a cow or pasteurised?

I went for the first recipe option rather than the 'foreign way' and with 90% chocolate and organic full fat milk.  I could identify with Mrs Beeton's reference to it being a 'nourishing drink'.  With the 3 pints of liquid the chocolate has a subtle undercurrent of flavour in the drink.  The consistency was obviously very liquid, compared to hot chocolate we know today. 

795. Chocolate

3oz of chocolate
1 1/2 pints of milk
the same of water

Make the milk and water hot, scrape the chocolate into it and stir quickly till it is dissolved; bring to the boiling point, stir well and serve directly.  Chocolate looks and is very nice if done in the foreign way with a mill*.   The milk is made boiling, is poured over the scraped chocolate is then whisked with the mill till dissolved and the mixture very frothy.

Time - 10 minutes
Average cost - 6d
Sufficient - for 6 persons
Seasonable - at any time

*You can use a whisk though at this time a molinillo would probably have been used.

I would love to know what you opt for and how you get on so promise to let me know.