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'Sweet Spot' - The Mayfarer Magazine

'Sweet Spot' - The Mayfarer Magazine

There is something so refreshing though challenging at the same time when you get a commission to write about chocolate.  Why challenging?  Because there is usually a tight limit on the amount of words you can use (and if you know me by know you will know I am a woman of words :)) and there is a brief which you need to weave your focus around.  And NOT get distracted!

This commission was from the amazing Jeanine Saba and Rachel Meddowes Editors of the sibling magazines, The Covent Gardener and The Mayfarer.

'Sweet spot' has a focus on Mayfair and chocolate.  It took me on an adventure with the history of chocolate and also a lot of heavenly tasting!

If you can grab yourself a copy of The Mayfarer Summer Issue you will find my article along with fascinating others.  It's a contemporary, chic, informative and quirky magazine.  Try it out!