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Nov. 18, 2021

Where did my Chocolate Adventure Begin?

Where did my Chocolate Adventure Begin?

When did my chocolate adventure begin?

Well probably like you when I was a teeny weeny child.  Both my grannies had a ‘sweet tooth’ and sweets and chocolate could either be found in a sweet tin or tucked away in the glove compartment of their cars!

My absolute Favs as a Teeny Weeny
Some of my absolute favs, remember this was a time before artisan chocolate had stepped forward like it has today, were Curly Wurly, Texan bar, Refresher chews and Rolos – so more chew with a coating of chocolate I suppose.  Chocolate was seen as a real treat at home and usually in the form of Black Magic or After Eights which were my ma’s favourites.  I did also have a weak spot for Mars Bars and created the most lethal Mars Bar chocolate cake.  It should have been renamed ‘Pile on the Pounds’ cake!

First ‘Proper’ Chocolate
The first proper chocolate I remember eating was with one of my grannies, Hope.  My pa used to give her a box of freshly made Prestat truffles which came in a tall brown carton, once a year when we all piled in to stay with her my grandpa.  I would be like one of Pavlov’s dogs and as soon as I saw her reach down to the shelf underneath her needlework box my hand would be out and a smile on my face!  They were the original recipe of their dark cocoa powder coated truffles made back in the 80’s.

From becoming not only a consumer but also founder of my own chocolate business was a real surprise and one I would have only dreamed of but never realised I would achieve.  Ok I admit, like probably many, I had a bit of a fantasy, after watching Joanne Harris’s movie ‘Chocolat’, of owning a petite chocolate shop and a Johnnie Depp type walking in.  Anyway, back to the point – the transition from life as a Practice Manager for an NHS/Private practice in London to Amelia Rope Chocolate came from a series of events or maybe serendipity.  I am yet to decide on that one. One of which was …

BBC Masterchef
I had split up from a guy who, at the time, I thought was my love match and desperately need distracting from a Bridget Jones moment.  My diversion appeared in the form of being accepted to be a contestant on BBC Masterchef.   For the record I am truly not a chef but just enjoy playing, creating, with an aim to deliver on taste with a memorable end note.   I went on the show, was booted off after the restaurant round which ok dented my ego a bit BUT made me think – WHAT IF. And the ‘what if’ manifested as they asked me to compete again the following year.  I went part time in my job, invested some money I had made from selling my flat, and went on courses to up my skill sets.  One of which was a 5 day bonbons course at Valrhona, Tain L’Hermitage in France.

Lightbulb Moment
BBC Masterchef really was a major trigger in opening my life up in ways I would never have imagined – a lightbulb moment which propelled me forward.  Followed by a dollop of life coaching to get my self-belief kicking in and a spontaneous moment of writing to a Food Editor to see if I could tap them for advice to get into food journalism, Amelia Rope Chocolate was created.

Amelia Rope Chocolate - Chocolate Dipped Mint Left

This is one of my fav early products.  

I will revel more of my journey as we get chocolate adventuring but hopefully this gives you a bit of an idea.  If you have any specific questions do just ping me an email or leave a voicemail.

Happy chocolate adventuring and
don’t forget to share your chocolate adventures/stories with us all. 
The more the merrier.