A huge welcome to Chocolate Adventures.
Dec. 8, 2021

Why Chocolate Adventures?

Why Chocolate Adventures?

Who doesn't love an adventure?  Off exploring - even if it's just in your mind.  And if it has chocolate as part of it so much the better don't you think?

For me adventuring is a sense of seeking out, sometimes off the beaten track,  discovering something new, treasuring it as if it's a nugget of gold and then sharing it.  What's adventuring for you?

Chocolate Adventures came into fruition over the summer.  I felt homesick for this magic ingredient and all the adventures which are still to be had exploring it.  And it's far more fun to have adventures with fellow chocolate adventurers.

Has chocolate seeped into your DNA by any chance?

Chocolate Bar Chunks

If you've worked with chocolate or in the industry you may well have experienced the way the magic ingredient slips itself into your DNA.  It certainly did with me. Having invested my whole heart, soul and every ounce of energy for over twelve years into Amelia Rope Chocolate I had planned to have a chapter in something non-chocolate related.  But my imprinted chocolate DNA said otherwise.  Quite simply it seems chocolate and I are joined at the hip and perhaps, if I over indulge, on the hip too!

Chocolate and Spoon

My dream for chocolate adventures is for us all to go adventuring together.  Sharing insights and knowledge, raising questions, offering answers, recommending chocolate makers, cacao producers, chocolate shops, chocolate recipes, chocolate themed places to visit and well you get the gist, chat all things chocolate.

I would so love you share any of the above for us all to begin to build our chocolate adventuring community.  

Oh and don't forget you can leave a voicemail on the website - ideally not a whole recipe ;).

I can't wait for us to all get adventuring - even if it's sadly virtual for the time being.

Girl with Map