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Modica Chocolate created by the Sicilian chocolatiers Sabadi

I discovered this Sicilian chocolate bar created by Sabadi when I ventured into Mercato Metropolitano, London, W1. Have you been? I immediately popped it into my basket as it took me back to the time when I first tasted Modica chocolate - a few years ago on a work trip to Sicily. It's the most fascinating chocolate style to try and is totally unique.

It's made from a cold process where the temperature is kept at 45C or below. The bars aren't conched (in layman's terms its conching which gives chocolate it's smoothness). With the cold method the sugar crystals formations remain solid giving it a slightly granular texture.

Go try a bar!

Available: Mercato Metropolitano, St Marks Church, Audley Street, London W1 & Online: etsy.com
Bar: 70% with Muscovado sugar

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