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Chocolate Marshmallow created by Chocolaterie Spegelaere

The most heavenly marshmallow coated in a crisp dark chocolate shell.

Have you ever tried a 'Lard' chocolate made by the Bruges chocolatiers at Chocolaterie Spegelaere? No? Then you absolutely must!

I spied these chocolates hidden away at the top of their counter right at the end of the shop and was so intrigued by what 'lard' was. When I discovered it was marshmallow I immediately asked for one to be popped into my bag. I only wish I had bought a load more!

The marshmallow is springy and thankfully not overly sweet and the dark chocolate surrounding the yummy marshmallow superbly tempered. The balance of flavours and textures just utter heaven.

So ... you need to get hold of one!

Available: https://elouise-spegelaere.wixsite.com/spegelaere or a trip to Bruges ;). Oh and if you're visiting grab me one or two please!

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