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London Chocolate Mexico 70% Bean to Bar Chocolate

Unwrapping London Chocolate's divine Mexico 70% chocolate bar.

Have you ever had an adventure with the goodies from bean to bar makers London Chocolate?

I hadn't until this week and wow what an adventure it was. Asel Nova is creating couverture in the basement of her shop from only top quality cacao beans and sugar. Yes that's it. No cocoa butter, no lecithin.

And it really hits the spot ... massively.

This little gem is 70% Mexico and made from Porcelana Blanco cacao beans from Finca La Rioja, Cacahoatan. As soon as I opened the packet I was treated to an incredible aroma. The consistency is superb, the flavour notes of fruit, nuts and sweet tobacco heavenly growing in depth and resonance as each piece melts.

Available: London Chocolate, Connaught St, London W1 or online.