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Mandarin Chocolate Baton by Carpo

A chocolate adventure at Carpo's and discovering their dark chocolate mandarin baton.

Have you been on an adventure to Carpo? They are a Greek chocolate house with stores in Central London (Piccadilly and Knightsbridge) and just oozing with chocolate, nuts and baklava.

I was sweetly given a dark chocolate mandarin baton by one of the guys working in the Knightsbridge store and wow I truly had no idea of the taste bud delight that was about to hit me.

Imagine rich dark chocolate and then inside a texture almost like runny jam which was just singing notes of mandarin. Not just any mandarin though -mandarins from one of the Greek Islands, Chios. The incredible balance of citrus with the chocolate is superb. So now I pop in there on a regular basis for a little pop of mandarin and dark chocolate heaven!

Available: https://carpoworld.com, Carpo Piccadilly, Carpo Knightsbridge

Happy Chocolate Adventuring.

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