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Neary Nogs 70% Mexican Chocolate Bar

Have you heard of Neary Nogs? No? Then let me share with you a little bit about the fab, Shane and Dorothy Neary, who are at the helm of this Irish bean to bar chocolate company which now runs off solar power. Their backdrop for creativity is one of the best, in my view, with views over the stunning Mountains of Mourne in County Down.

They founded their business in 2011 from making chocolates to sell in order to raise funds to send their daughter to India to look after orphans. Very sadly soon after this their younger was taken seriously ill and the business then became their income source and begin to take off.

I was lucky enough to meet them at Cocoa Runners chocolate fair last autumn. What made my week was when Dorothy found out my name and said how she had adored my chocolate and followed me on insta et al. Little things like these make you have a little bit of sparkle in your soul - believe me.

This Mexican bar took me back to the first dark chocolate bar I made for the commission from Sofa.com. It starts off gently and then really develops on the palate and one to pop on your wish list.

Explore more: https://www.nearynogs.com/

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